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Preventive Health Checks & Screening

Oxford Health Plus offers our clients the best of health checks and screening. The following comprehensive and customized health check packages are available.


Comprehensive Health Check

Bronze Comprehensive Health CheckSilver Comprehensive Health CheckGold Comprehensive Health CheckPlatinum Comprehensive Health Check
This package covers;
  • AMedical history with complete physical examination.
  • BUrine test.
  • CStool test.
  • Dfull Blood count.
  • ELiver function test.
  • FTest for diabetes.
  • Gcholesterol test.
This package covers;
  • AProstate specific antigen(PSA).
  • BHepatitis B & C screening.
  • CHIV screening (optional).
  • DHealth advice.
  • ELipid profile.
This package covers;
  • AStress ECG.
  • BAbdominal X-ray.
  • CPap smear for women.
  • DMammogram for women.
  • ESelf breast examination.
  • FHealth advice.
This package covers;
  • AVision test.
  • BAudiometry test.
  • CLung function test.
  • DElectrocardiogram.
  • EKidney test.


Customized Health Checks

Package 1 - Diabetes CheckPackage 2 - Well Woman Health ScreeningPre- Employment TestMedical fitness TestFood Handlers Test
This package covers;
  • AMedical history and physical examination.
  • BUrinalysis.
  • CFasting blood sugar.
  • D2hrs post prandial sugar.
  • EGlycosylated haemoglobin (HbAic).
  • FLipid profile.
  • GDiet counseling, Hepatitis B and C screening.
This package covers;
  • AMedical, family, occupational and complete physical examination.
  • BUrine analysis and microscopy.
  • CStool microscopy.
  • DFull blood count.
  • EMammogram.
  • FPap smear.
  • GHIV screening (optional).
What our client say? These test varies as the employer/provider directs.
What our client say? These test varies as the employer/provider directs.
This package covers;
  • AUrine test.
  • BSputum test/chest X-ray.
  • CPhysical examination.
  • DStool test.


Complete Men's Test

Know Your Number
Know Your Number is a five-year health risk assessment that can help you calculate your risk for:
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Congestive heart failure

It is performed with a simple finger prick, and a health questionnaire. You will receive a printed report with your health risks and how you can reduce your risk for each category.

Know Your Number Risk Assessment
This package covers the following;
  • Provides a report card on your current health
  • Predicts the likelihood of developing a chronic disease over the next five years
  • Details a measurement of modifiable risk with lifestyle changes
  • Offers a road map for which lifestyle changes are the most important for you


Corporate Testing Services

Risk Assessment through Basic Biometric ScreeningsIdentify Disease through Advanced Biometric Testing:Additional Screening Services
This package covers;
  • ACholesterol (Full Lipid Panel).
  • BDiabetes/Glucose.
  • CHeight, Weight & Waist Measurements.
  • DBody Mass Index (BMI).
  • EBlood Pressure.
  • FMetabolic Syndrome Risk Assessment.
  • GPatented Health Risk Assessment.
  • HImmediate Individual Reporting.
  • IAggregate Reporting.
This package covers;
  • AEchocardiogram.
  • B12 Lead ECG.
  • CCarotid Artery Ultrasound.
  • DPeripheral Arterial Disease (PAD).
  • EAbdominal Aortic Aneurysm Ultrasound.
  • FHardening of the Arteries (ASI).
  • GOsteoporosis Screening.
This package covers;
  • A3D Breast Ultrasound Testing.
  • B20 Panel Comprehensive Metabolic Panels.
  • CProstate Cancer (PSA).
  • DThyroid Function (TSH).
  • EC - reactive protein (Hs-CRP).
  • FNicotine Testing.
  • GPulmonary Function.
  • HColon Cancer.